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Ghostwriting Services in UAE


1.What is included in your ghost writing service and throughout the process?

Planning, outlining, writing, proofreading, and delivering are the basics of our ghostwriting services in UAE. However, this can vary depending upon the package client chooses and whatever they demand. For example, many of our clients entrust us with book cover design services and marketing as well, and we accept this responsibility with our whole hearts!

2. Can GhostWriting UAE customize a pricing package as per my requirements?

We won’t mind doing that. As professional service providers, we are always all ears to do whatever satisfies a client. If there are any certain requirements, which you do not find in our packages, we’d be more than happy to customize a package. In such a scenario, consider reaching out to the customer support team and they will help you out with the packages.

3. What if you ghost write for me, and it doesn’t satisfy me to the core?

Firstly, we keep clients posted throughout the process. This means, upon client request, we can share the draft with the client to give them an idea regarding what to expect as an outcome. But in case, if there’s something wrong with the final delivery, the team of ghostwriters will fix the whole thing again free of cost, and ensure the mistake is not repeated.


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4. What makes Ghostwriting the best ghostwriter service company in UAE?

The professionalism and the urge to deliver the best customer service. For us, nothing is more prestigious than a satisfied client and we can always go to any height to achieve a satisfied buyer. This is the reason why we have secured the highest number of satisfied and repeated buyers among so ghostwriting service companies in UAE and all over the globe.

5. How long does your ghostwriting service take to deliver the final results?

That can either take up to weeks or months. It ideally depends upon the total word count, overall idea and other things related to the order. We do not mind speeding up the process, but quality being the cornerstone of our ghostwriting services in UAE, we maintain that side by side as well. You can expect a general turnaround somewhere around 3 weeks to 2 months.

6. What genres and types of books do your ghostwriting company deal in?

We are the leading pros of eBooks, novels, and autobiographies. And for the genres, we are limitless. This means, you can come to us with any idea, falling into any genre, and the professionals here would deal with that very proficiently. So far we have ghost-written humorous, adventurous, thriller, romantic, comics, and many other books.

7. Will I have ownership after I pay for your ghostwriting services?

Surely, you’d be the sole owner of the delivered book. Although we help clients with the whole process, once the order is delivered and the client has paid, we do not own the work. Also, we make sure that the client’s information and connection with us are kept hidden. We are a highly confidential and secure ghost writer of UAE, with an aim to help clients.

8. What if my publisher rejects the book ghostwritten by your writer?

That depends upon the situation. If you picked the premium package, and the book gets rejected due to language or grammar errors, we’d own the mistake and offer you a free revision. However, if you shared the idea with us, we transformed that into a book, and later it gets rejected on the basis of concept – we might not be responsible for that.



GhostwritingAE is among the leading book producing ghostwriting agency UAE. With a team of exceptionally well-equipped and expert ghostwriters working to write books, novels and autobiographies on all niches and genres. We have produced more than thousands of books for our customers penning down their ideas and turning them into bestsellers. Get a quote to start to get your book written.



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