A guide to Domestic Workers’ Financial rights, iiQ8


A guide to Domestic Workers’ Financial rights

A guide to Domestic Workers’ Financial rights, iiQ8 1

Work is part of everyone’s daily life and is crucial to a person’s dignity, well-being and development as a human being. When it comes to economic safety of domestic labour in Kuwait, one should take in special consideration to articles drawn by the Domestic workers’ law to ensure improvement in the lives of human beings. Domestic worker laws provide the following terms and conditions

Clause The Right Article
Salary andDeduction
  • The salary paid should be identical to that specified in the contract
  • The salary should be paid at the end of every month
  • The salary is calculated from the actual work start date
  • Salary deduction is not permitted
  • Article 7 Domestic Workers Law
  •  Article 8 Domestic Workers Law
  • The worker is entitled to receive overtime payments that are no less than double the rate for the same period of his/her work, if assigned additional work outside normal working days or hours
  • Article 28 Domestic Workers Law
End-of-service Benefits
  • The worker shall receive all entitlements at the end of the contract period
  • The worker is entitled to obtain end-of-service benefits if he/she completes the duration of the contract. End-of-service benefits shall be estimated as one month’s salary for every working year
  • Article 11 Executive Regulations
  • Article 15 Executive Regulations
  •  Article 23 Domestic Workers Law


Sanction Report to Evidence
  • The worker is entitled to compensation in the sum of 10 K.D. for every month the payment of their salary is delayed
Domestic Employment Department

Phone: 25389452

• Not having salary receipts or transfers

• Incompatibility of salary receipts or salary transfer receipts with the actual working period.


  • Compensating the worker for his/her overtime
Domestic Employment Department • Reporting Incident

• Witnesses

• Payment of the amount due

• Suspension of the granting of entry visas to the employer for 6 months

Domestic Employment Department • No receipt or bank transfer for the amount of end-of-service benefit
• Withdrawal of license

• Being charged with the offenses of extortion and misappropriation

Domestic Employment Department & Local Police Station
  • Any evidence that can be obtained (bank transfer/ witnesses)



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