5G Technology in Kuwait

5G Technology in Kuwait

The Kuwait Smart phone users and the local telecommunications industry would soon reap the benefits of the fifth generation ( 5 G)  of mobile data wireless technology (5G), said a Kuwaiti official on Tuesday.

VIVA The First in Kuwait to Physically Demo its 5G Services
Kuwait, 5th June 2018:
VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, launched the fifth-generation “5G”. Being the first telecom company in Kuwait to bring the unrivalled 5G to reality by physically showcasing the customers’ experience with the technology, reflects its continuous commitment to its customers to deliver up-to-date technologies that meet their aspirations. This launch is the initial phase for demonstrating the capabilities and readiness to VIVA to offer the 5G services, while the full-fledged services to customers will be offered upon receiving the regulatory approvals.
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Eng. Zarrar Khan, Chief Technology Officer at VIVA commented: “The 5G is one of the latest technologies in the generation of communications, therefore VIVA is proud to bring this unique service that will enable customers to exchange information and communicate at high speed.”
He added: “We have confidence, knowledge and innovation, which will enable us to lead the 5G era, and confirm VIVA’s pioneering position in providing innovative services for the customers in Kuwait.”
What made VIVA launch unique is that for the first time, media and public interacted with the 5G services being offered by VIVA. These services include ultra-highspeed internet access, Virtual Reality media and gaming, ultra-low latency drone control and video streaming. The launching ceremony was accompanied by a pavilion to explain about 5G; the editors were able to review the virtual neighborhood services by themselves.
In January 2017, VIVA succeeded in advanced technical experiments in its lab. This technology is the coming fifth-generation wireless broadband technology in the telecom world after the 4th generation (LTE). 5G aims at higher capacity and better latency than current 4G (LTE) which will allow a higher density of mobile broadband users, 5G will be providing multiple gigabit speeds in cityscape areas which will allow people and machines to step into a new era of information technology and help better in implementing the internet of things (IoT).



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The 5G Wireless Systems, with the ability to transmit 10 or more gigabytes per second in its initial stages of use, represent an epoch in the history of technology, Salem Al-Uthaina, the chairman of Kuwait’s Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), said in a statement on Tuesday.

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