14 Days total Lockdown in Kuwait an option ? Q8 full Lockdown for 2 weeks?



A report, circulated on Twitter, is said to have been submitted by the director of the Public Health Department in the Ministry of Health Dr Fand Al-Ghamlas to the Undersecretary Dr Mustafa Reda, which includes the recommendations of the Public Health Team to review epidemiological situations and studies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The report which was submitted to the health undersecretary on April 13 includes a package of recommendations, most importantly imposing a total ban for 14 days in all areas of Kuwait after the last flight lands in Kuwait carrying Kuwaitis who were stranded abroad following the outbreak of the coronavirus and extending the curfew hours to reduce the chances of people getting infected while at the same time assessing the situation every two weeks.

The e-monitoring system which is good for 14 days is mandatory to all citizens who are evacuated from abroad and those who came in contact with them at home to ensure adherence to home quarantine while leaving the option of electronic monitoring open in accordance with the epidemiological situation while obliging individuals to download and activate the system and expand its use in society in a legally mandatory manner.

The team has developed a mechanism for patients to be discharged from field hospitals, according to each patient’s health condition, and the availability of a polymerization test (PCR). In the case of patients with severe symptoms who were transferred to the field hospital and the availability of the test, a patient can be discharged after the disappearance of the symptoms (heat, respiratory symptoms) and two negative tests (nasal, pharyngeal) swabs between them for at least 24 hours, provided that the first sample is at least 8 days after symptoms appear.

According to the same report, a patient can be discharged from the hospital – in the absence of a polymerization test – based on the clinical situation and the evaluation of the treating physician, and the discharge will be after 3 days from the disappearance of high temperature without medicines and the disappearance of respiratory symptoms without treatment to relieve symptoms. Isolation of patients is completed for 14 days at least from the date of discharge from the field hospital.
For his part, Undersecretary of the Health Ministry Dr Mustafa Reda marked the report ‘top urgent’ before sending it to the assistant undersecretaries for coordination between various sectors to set a clear mechanism to implement these recommendations.

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14 Days total Lockdown in Kuwait an option ? Q8 full Lockdown for 2 weeks?


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