PACI Appointment Reservation, PACI Appointment Guidelines, iiQ8

Appointment Reservation

Appointment Guidelines

PACI Visitors Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

– All visitors are strictly requested to follow the guidelines and instructions published by PACI Management and Kuwait Health Authority.
– Wearing a face mask which should cover the nose at all times within the Authority.
– Visitors are strictly prohibited to visit any administration offices or enter the administrative building.
– Visitors should comply by maintaining social distancing rules, following the floor markings, avoid shaking hands and close contact with others in the Premises.
– Entry is prohibited for visitors to whose temperature measures 37.5’ Celsius or above.
– Visitors will not be allowed to enter PACI premises without a prior appointment, If a visitor arrives maximum 30 minutes late after his appointment, the appointment will be considered as cancelled.
– Visitor should come to PACI, with photocopies of the official documents required for his transaction, as the photocopying services at PACI will be closed.

PACI Transactions Guide

To get the required documents for your transaction , please select from the following options

PACI Appointment Reservation, PACI Appointment Guidelines, iiQ8

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