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Kuwait Finance & Investment Company
Analyst – Asset Management
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Job Title: Analyst Number of Reportee(s): N/A
Reporting to: Director Department/Section: Research & Strategy
Division: Assets Management Job Titles of Direct
Reportee (s): N/A
Responsibility: N/A
Role Objective:
1. Assist to provide research support to internal departments/ divisions based on available sources of research and first hand research on potential
market-moving events
2. Assist to conduct specific research assignments on the economy, markets, industries, and competitors as directed by internal clients; and maintain
research database
3. Assist to deliver accurate consolidated financial reporting; forecasting and analysis of the business and financial risks and opportunities.
Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
1. Not Applicable
1. Assist to analyze financial information to produce forecasts of the business industry, and economic conditions
2. Assist to Interpret data affecting investment programs, such as price, yield, stability, future trends in investment risks, and economic
3. Assist to Analyze financial information relating to specific companies, e.g. company results, profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow
statements to determine how an organization is positioned to deliver for investors
4. Assist to Conduct valuation of investments in companies by using different financial models
5. Assist to Maintain knowledge and stay abreast of developments in the fields of industrial knowledge, business, finance, and economic theory
6. Assist to Monitor fundamental economic, industrial, and corporate developments through the analysis of information obtained from financial
publications and services, investment banking firms, government agencies, trade publications, company sources, and personal interviews
7. Assist to Study the economic implications of factors such as natural disasters, weather, wars, etc. which might affect the performance of
companies and funds
8. Assist to Prepare plans of action for investments based on financial analysis
9. Assist to Conduct research activities to provide analysis of:
a. the direction of markets, and the relative attractions of investments in different sectors
b. the impact of economic influences on each industry and potential market-moving events
c. the macroeconomic factors that influence the economies of countries in Middle East and throughout the world, and forecast
movements in economic indicators, interest rates and currencies
10. Support development of forecasting models on industry growth and market potential, etc.
11. Assist to Provide analysis of overall investment opportunities and provide information to the concerned divisions/ departments
12. Assist to Provide inputs to improving the overall investment process at KFIC, on an on-going basis
13. Assist to Manage KFIC’s research database – client profiles, investment portfolio, past transactions, etc, as necessitated by other divisions/
departments. Provide specific client information to internal customers
14. Recommend and implement frameworks for research to ensure compliance with current regulations
15. Assist to Develop alliances with external research agencies to source timely market information
16. Assist to Plan economic and business research projects to serve KFIC’s objectives and future initiatives by partnering with the Investment /
Asset Management Divisions
17. Direct research to support potential investment opportunities / projects being evaluated
18. Direct market studies and feasibility studies for potential investment opportunities / projects being evaluated
19. Review and interpret the results of research, analyze impact of conclusions, and summarize and prepare comprehensive reports
20. Coordinate with other departments, assisting them with relevant technical studies and market analysis
21. Oversee research papers, presentations, and briefings, to relay findings to other departments, as well as investors
22. Assist in drafting and writing research reports for fund manager or client use
23. Assist to Provide information to fund managers to position ideas and articulate about the risk or payoff for each recommendation made
24. Assist in the implementation of procedures and controls in Research and Analysis Unit. Ensure that all the transactions are in compliance
with the set policies and procedures
25. Keep abreast of all regulatory framework and implications (CMA, CBK, etc.)
26. Assist higher management in any other related tasks as required by business.
1. Not Applicable.
Kuwait Finance & Investment Company
Analyst – Asset Management
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Key Interactions and Relationships:
1. Investment & Corporate Finance Division
2. Operations Department
3. Risk & Compliance Division
4. Information Technology Department External
1. Investment Companies
2. Institutional Investors
3. Market Research Agencies,
4. Economic Research Bureaus
5. Internal Auditors
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities):
Assist in increasing volume of business volume and company’s market
share by substantially increasing client base.
1. Accountability
2. Achievement Orientation
3. Analytical Ability
4. Attendance and Punctuality
5. Communication Skills
6. Creativity & Innovation
7. Impact and Influence
8. Initiative
9. Organizing and Planning Skills
Education & Qualifications: Experience:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics 1. A minimum of 0-2 years of relevant experience
Language Skill: Computer Skills:
1. Fluent in English and Arabic 1. MS Office


Kuwait Finance and Investment Company KFIC

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